Dump Gammick

From Guy Felton to Dick Gammick, 18 September 2010
                                                                   Letter Number Two, This Date

Mr. Gammick:
**(some text removed.  See website for full letters)**

Do you agree that it is just plain wrong for hired help to hide details of the people's business from them?
Why do you ever permit yourself to usurp the sovereignty of the people, thumb your nose at us, and tell us in effect to go to hell?

Is usurpation of the people's sovereignty not a form of treason?
YOU lost the Ballardini Ranch lawsuit, a source within Washoe County government indicated that such loss will eventually cost the people of Washoe roughly THIRTY-MILLION DOLLARS This includes interest on an involved loan.

Repeatedly, you have been asked to explain how you -- and county commissioners (at least two of whom were lawyers at the time) -- lost what should have been a slam-dunk, eminent domain legal action. Repeatedly, you have refused to explain yourself to the sovereign people. 
Why do you refuse to explain yourself to the people you are paid by and are supposed to serve? Fair to judge that the answer is one of two possibilities:

YOU and commissioners are grossly incompetent, or
YOU and commissioners took bribes to lose the suit on purpose.

Either way, Dick, you have some gall to want to be re-elected when you lost 

You have no sense of shame, Mr. Gammick. Any person of honor and integrity who lost millions of public dollars -- as you did -- would be so embarrassed and humiliated that he would pack his bags and get the hell out of Dodge.
And, obviously, if the loss had a reasonable explanation, you would not need to hide information that we, the sovereign people, want and have a right to know!
You don't believe in the people maintaining control over our hired help, do you?
You don't believe in government of, by, and for the people, do you? You do not comprehend the public's right to have their business managed by competent, trustworthy public servants, do you?

Further, Ken Stover draws attention to the following travesty on his
website here and here

    Mr. Gammick you should better respect this community and the
    taxpayers who pay your salary. Your assault on the taxpayer
    includes even the Truckee River. The Truckee River is polluted with
    chemicals used by dry cleaners. PCE is a cancer causing agent. The
    PCE pollution is being remediated (cleaned-up) by the taxpayers.

    Mr. Gammick you were offered the services of a person who had
    previously succeeded in getting the chemical companies to pay for
    the clean-up in Modesto, California.

You said no! 

The word returned upon the offer: “The taxpayers are already
    taking care of it; it is not an issue.”

$30-million worth of taxpayer funded
IS an issue, Mr. Gammick.  .
    (Emphasis added by the Publisher. End of Stover's quotation.)

Mr. Gammick, it's fair to wonder if you solicited and/or accepted a bribe to NOT go after the chemical companies. A trustworthy DA would have been hell-bent-for-leather to protect the interests of Washoe taxpayers. Trustworthy? Whoa! We're talking about YOU!
From Ken Stover's site, who is out of the race:
The residents of the Truckee Meadows currently are paying a tax to pay for the clean-up of the PCE contamination in our water supply.  PCE is  a dry-cleaning chemical that is highly carcinogenic.  Currently the project is costing the taxpayers $30 million and it is expected to take thirty years to remove this pollutant.
Three years ago, an environmental lawyer offered Mr. Gammick his services in litigating this PCE contamination against the chemical manufacturers of PCE.  He had previously filed a similar suit on behalf of the citizens of Modesto, California.  In that lawsuit the court ordered that the PCE remediation was the responsibility of the chemical manufacturers.   Besides being ordered to clean the water and rebuild the Modesto Municipal water supply, the chemical companies were ordered to pay an additional $100 million in punitive damages.
Mr. Gammick refused the offer stating that the Truckee River clean-up was already being financed by the taxpayers so it was not an issue he cared to address.  And this is the exact reason why the citizens of Washoe County will have to wait 30 years to have this chemical removed from the water.  Callous to the needs of the citizens and inconsiderate to the taxpayers, Mr. Gammick chose not to make our community safer.
Mr. Felton continues.  He makes an excellent point!

 $30,000,000 plus $30,000,000 adds up to $60,000,000.


In addition, Ken Stover's site points out that you're to blame for unconstitutional property tax assessments amounting to SEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS!

You are an expensive CROOK to have on the public payroll, Dick!

And you want
       to be re-elected?
Mr. Gammick, you are asked to respond to the foregoing, in writing (English), prior to October 1 of this year.

Would you be willing to appear on camera to discuss the foregoing with Guy Felton? Such resulting video to be placed on YouTube.