Outrageous Gammick

Gammick has done so MANY outrageous things as Washoe County district attorney For example: .. His arrogant insistence if "helping" Darren Mack (his friend) return to Nevada for trial in the murder of his wife. That resulted in Washoe County losing jurisdiction of the trial which had to be moved to Las Vegas, and cost the WC taxpayers an estimated $100,000 paid to Clark County to hold the trial in Vegas. .. 

Gammick's "better than sex" comment to the press in the middle of the Biela murder trial, involving sex. His crude and offensive comment was unlawful -- he broke the law by making it. Prosecutors are forbidden by law from making any remark during a trial which might affect the defendant's ability to obtain a fair rial. Gammick's comment was made to the press and therefore, indirectly to the jury. This will be one of the grounds on Biela's automatic appeal, and if he is successful, the taxpayers of Washoe County will have to spend another $1 million in re-trying him. .. 

Gammick's persecution of a sheriff's detective who had criticised Gammick's child sex abuse expert as being wrong and not truly an expert. Rather than admit the mistake, Gammick instead turned on the detective and literally ran him out of town, costing him his living. This ruined the life of the detective and he ended up committing suicide. .. 

Gammick's insistence on using his private vehicle to play "Highway Patrol" and pull over little old ladies who are speeding. Gammick had his car equipped, at taxpayer expense, with a siren and red lights so he could indulge his fantasy. Gammick claims he was a cop himself but that was 30 years ago and he has had no training since. Plus, he is NOT a law enforcement officer despite his argument to the contrary, so one of these times he will cause a death or serious injury to one of the people he pulls over, when they panick at seeing a non-uniformed male force them over, get out of his car, and approach them. This, in turn, will cost the taxpayers a lot more money, when the victim sues Gammick and Washoe County. .. 

Gammick's totally unconscionable conduct in the last election in 2008 when he illegally held a press conference to release 25-year old medical records of a judge, and accused him of "using drugs" 25 years ago. Gammick knew the judge was never prosecuted for such a thing because it was Gammick's case (25 years ago when Gammick was only a young deputy DA), and there was no proof that the judge (who was not a judge then either) had "used drugs." Yet Gammick secretly held onto the medical records of the judge for 25 years, waiting to use them to embarrass the judge all that time. When the judge ran for re-election in 2008, Gammick persuaded one of his deputy DA's to run against the judge, and then released the 25-year old medical records to the press, arguing that they were "suspicious." This was a violation of the federal HPPA statute and Gammick and Washoe County are now subject to being sued by the judge, if the judge decides to do so. At the very least, the FBI should investigate and turn Gammick over to the feds to prosecute, since the HPPA statute violated by Gammick is a federal law. .. 

Gammick is reported to be using taxpayers funds to fund his private dues at the Prospectors Club, which is illegal. IF that is the case he should be prosecuted for embezzlement of public funds. Gammick's opponent, Whomes, has repeatedly called for Gammick to submit the DA's entire books and financial records to an independent AUDIT, but Gammick refuses to do so. A Grand Jury ought to be convened to subpoena those financial records, hire its own independent auditor, and find out whether Whomes' suspicions of Gammick are true. Did he, or did he not, use taxpayer monies to pay his dues at the Prospector's Club? And if he is innocent, then why does Gammick refuse an audit?
By Anonymous on Deceptive Dick on 10/9/10