Monday, September 20, 2010

Deceptive Dick

Gammick and his big mouth talking out of his ass again.  Dick Gammick revealed that he had cigarette butts tested for DNA in a 22 year-old rape case.  During an interview he talked nonsense as though it were fact.  In listening to him during that interview, if you didn't know better,  the listener would walk away thinking that those results indicated guilt and a match of Nolan Klein.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, in fact, it is entirely bullshit.

Gammick tried to duck and run from his statement.  When Nolan Klein's attorneys asked Gammick to produce those results, they could not be found, or any indication or documentation that testing had been done.  (see Gammick's secret file on Judge Perry below and please remember Rene Botello)  Do you see a pattern here?  Secret files and testing, mixed with a big mouth equals serious consequences for others.  Yet Gammick does not miss an opportunity to spew his deceptive and delusional thinking.

Gammick's words and actions are more than dirty politics.  Dick Gammick is a bad man, a dirty district attorney, and an outright Dick.

Today is the one-year mark that Nolan Klein died in prison after being incarcerated for 22-years.  Through a blunder of egregious errors he was convicted of a rape of which he is innocent.  His story is one that should make all of us fear our "justice" system.

Despite the tireless efforts of Nolan and his sister, Tonja Brown, Nolan was not to see freedom before his death.  Nolan Kline's life was cut short because he was not medically treated in prison for a dangerous disorder that has an easy and cheap fix.

There are many serious elements to his case, but I will only address a few of the most disturbing.

Nolan was in Carson City at the time of the rape.  Not in Reno where the rape occurred.  Two witnesses, one who is now a deputy sheriff in Carson City, the other the bartender on duty that night.  The presiding judge made an egregious error and only allowed the jury 1 of the transcripts to review when they asked for both.  Had the jury had the opportunity to review both witness testimonies, it would have been crystal clear  that Nolan could not have been in Reno at the time of the crime.  He was drinking at a bar with many witnesses.

The perpetrator had brown eyes and was described as having something significant wrong with his mouth.  The victims thought either he had a cleft palate or chipped front teeth.  NOLAN HAS BLUE EYES AND A PERFECT SMILE.

Several other crimes had been committed in this area of Reno and the sheriff's office believed that the same person had committed all of these sex crimes, including the one Nolan was convicted of.  The victims of the other instances cleared Nolan and his car.  The sheriff's department had developed a suspect - Ricky Lee Zarsky who disappeared without picking up his last paycheck.  THIS EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE WAS WITHHELD FROM THE DEFENSE

The public defender, Shelly O'Neill admitted she was not on top of her game when Nolan asked for another attorney because she was ineffective.

DNA samples were collected along with several cigarette butts that the perpetrator smoked.  At the time of Nolan's conviction DNA testing had not evolved but as the years passed Nolan decided to have the cig butts tested. It is well documented that the intact cigarette butts were intact when first collected.  Then they were snipped off.  Next time they were viewed they had magically grown back to their original size.  Unbelievable?  Outrageous?  Yes!  And it is all true.

As Dick Gammick's campaign website states:

I could not agree more, soooooo



Anonymous said...

Gammick has done so MANY outrageous things as Washoe County district attorney For example:
.. His arrogant insistence if "helping" Darren Mack (his friend) return to Nevada for trial in the murder of his wife. That resulted in Washoe County losing jurisdiction of the trial which had to be moved to Las Vegas, and cost the WC taxpayers an estimated $100,000 paid to Clark County to hold the trial in Vegas.

.. Gammick's "better than sex" comment to the press in the middle of the Biela murder trial, involving sex. His crude and offensive comment was unlawful -- he broke the law by making it. Prosecutors are forbidden by law from making any remark during a trial which might affect the defendant's ability to obtain a fair rial. Gammick's comment was made to the press and therefore, indirectly to the jury. This will be one of the grounds on Biela's automatic appeal, and if he is successful, the taxpayers of Washoe County will have to spend another $1 million in re-trying him.

.. Gammick's persecution of a sheriff's detective who had criticised Gammick's child sex abuse expert as being wrong and not truly an expert. Rather than admit the mistake, Gammick instead turned on the detective and literally ran him out of town, costing him his living. This ruined the life of the detective and he ended up committing suicide.

.. Gammick's insistence on using his private vehicle to play "Highway Patrol" and pull over little old ladies who are speeding. Gammick had his car equipped, at taxpayer expense, with a siren and red lights so he could indulge his fantasy. Gammick claims he was a cop himself but that was 30 years ago and he has had no training since. Plus, he is NOT a law enforcement officer despite his argument to the contrary, so one of these times he will cause a death or serious injury to one of the people he pulls over, when they panick at seeing a non-uniformed male force them over, get out of his car, and approach them. This, in turn, will cost the taxpayers a lot more money, when the victim sues Gammick and Washoe County.

.. Gammick's totally unconscionable conduct in the last election in 2008 when he illegally held a press conference to release 25-year old medical records of a judge, and accused him of "using drugs" 25 years ago. Gammick knew the judge was never prosecuted for such a thing because it was Gammick's case (25 years ago when Gammick was only a young deputy DA), and there was no proof that the judge (who was not a judge then either) had "used drugs." Yet Gammick secretly held onto the medical records of the judge for 25 years, waiting to use them to embarrass the judge all that time. When the judge ran for re-election in 2008, Gammick persuaded one of his deputy DA's to run against the judge, and then released the 25-year old medical records to the press, arguing that they were "suspicious." This was a violation of the federal HPPA statute and Gammick and Washoe County are now subject to being sued by the judge, if the judge decides to do so. At the very least, the FBI should investigate and turn Gammick over to the feds to prosecute, since the HPPA statute violated by Gammick is a federal law.

.. Gammick is reported to be using taxpayers funds to fund his private dues at the Prospectors Club, which is illegal. IF that is the case he should be prosecuted for embezzlement of public funds. Gammick's opponent, Whomes, has repeatedly called for Gammick to submit the DA's entire books and financial records to an independent AUDIT, but Gammick refuses to do so.
A Grand Jury ought to be convened to subpoena those financial records, hire its own independent auditor, and find out whether Whomes' suspicions of Gammick are true. Did he, or did he not, use taxpayer monies to pay his dues at the Prospector's Club? And if he is innocent, then why does Gammick refuse an audit?

Anonymous said...

From the Sparks Tribune (but not yet published online...) (click to see larger version).

Letter to the Editor, by Tonja Brown. December 27, 2009.

Dear Editor,
I’m writing this letter in an effort to bring to light the injustice that is being perpetrated by our public officials, four of whom are now up for re-election: Justices James Hardesty and Ron Parraguirre, Attorney General Masto and our governor, Jim Gibbons.
In May, Judge Brent Adams ordered Washoe County District Attorney, Dick Gammick to turn over the entire file in Mr. Nolan Klein's case. On June 10, newly discovered evidence was found. On June 24, I appeared before the Nevada Pardons Board to bring it to their attention the acts within in the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office.
I presented to the Pardons Board dozens of documents, including the hand-written notes, that a former assistant district attorney made on our motion for discovery that he was not going to turn over any of the materiality or exculpatory evidence despite a 1988 court order to do so. The Pardons Board knew that this attorney violated Brady v. Maryland by withholding all of the materiality and exculpatory evidence that showed another person was responsible for the crime in which my innocent brother, Nolan Klein, was convicted of 21 years ago.
On Nov. 19, the Pardons Board knew that the assistant district attorney had defied a court order to turn over all of the evidence in the case. They also knew that the newly discovered evidence that was found in the file that would not only clear Mr. Klein of the crime but newly discovered evidence was found that supports Mr. Klein's claims in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that our AG Masto is trying to get dismissed because of Mr. Klein's recent death.
One would think that they would have placed Mr. Klein on the November's Agenda for an exoneration, but, no they would rather cover up the acts of the Washoe County District Attorney's Office for the last 21 years. How many more innocent people will die in prison because they want to condone the bad acts of officials under the color of law? Could your loved one be next? We need transparency in government not more cover-ups. We, the voters, need to be heard. We must send a message that we are not going to condone their actions and vote them out of office. For those of you who were considering running for office, here is your opportunity to make a difference.

Tonja Brown
Carson City