Monday, October 11, 2010

Marilyn York's Radio Show with guest Dick Gammick

It is my hope that the voters of Washoe County understand that just because Dick Gammick says something, it does not necessarily make it true.  It doesn't matter how forcefully or assuredly he says something.  It does not matter how often he repeats an untruth. What he says does not fly in the face of truth or fact.

A great example of this is his comments made during his interview on the Marilyn York radio show on September 11, 2010.  Once again, his affliction of talking out of his ass with his foot in his mouth disorder was apparent.  He insisted the callers speak "facts" while he spouted his altered reality.  Or should I say altered mentality.  Does make one wonder what he is drinking or smoking.

It is of interest the parts of that radio interview that were edited out regarding Rene Botello's belief that the CARES nurse was drawing incorrect conclusions in her medical examinations.  Both Gammick and Ms. York discussed that witness experts almost always disagree.  The point of Karen, the first caller into the show, was that the sexual assault experts who reviewed the initial finding in the Hashemi case both AGREED that there were no signs of assault - in direct conflict of the CARES nurse findings.  THAT IS A FACT.  At that time there was little to NO supervision or review of examinations/conclusions by a physician.  THAT IS A FACT.   Mr. Botello voiced his concerns to Gammick.   The training and experience of the CARES/SART personnel at that time were minimal.  THAT IS A FACT. Gammick reported that that particular nurse retired shortly after Botello questioned her findings.

Also of interest is that Gammick made a point to say that the CARES/SART personnel are independent contractors.  That means nothing if he has the ability to hire and fire them.  Gammick should not have "oversight" of them.  THAT IS A FACT.  Washoe Laboratory does not have "oversight" from the District Attorney, neither should the sexual assault team.  Therefore, they are not truly "independent,"  without influence,  or incorruptible.

Mr. Hashemi may very well be wrongfully incarcerated and the probability is high that other innocent persons were convicted with erroneous medical findings because Gammick allowed it to continue.  THAT IS A FACT.  Instead of immediately correcting the problem within the CARES team, Gammick wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers money defending Gammick's mistake.  THAT IS A FACT.

Again,  Dick Gammick blackened the name of Rene Botello during this radio show.  Gammick said that Botello never prevailed in court (WRONG!)  and that he perjured himself. ( WRONG AGAIN!)  THAT IS A FACT.  The only time Rene Botello didn't prevail in his assertions while in court was when he appeared before  Judge Roger Hunt.  (FACT)  In my opinion, Judge Hunt made a spineless and chicken-shit ruling.  If Hunt had ruled any other way, it would have opened Pandora's Box.  It needs to be opened.  The CARES program is Gammick's baby and obviously he would rather kill the messenger than deal with the problem.

Any person with any common sense KNOWS that Rene Botello was blackballed, oppressed, retaliated against, financially ruined, and his reputation destroyed, compliment of Richard Gammick and his sidekick John Helzer.  Gammick hid behind his immunity and was protected by his immunity for his bad acts.  THAT IS A FACT.

Being the district attorney,  Gammick enjoys near-absolute immunity that his position affords him.  He has abused this immunity and run amok.  As district attorney, he has a duty of trust.  Gammick has violated that trust.  I am absolutely certain that the people of Washoe do not want a district attorney who would act in such a manner.  No citizen would want their DA to destroy a man under these circumstances.        

Dick Gammick said he has "no idea" what medical marijuana is.  I would suggest that he become familiar with the benefits of medical marijuana.  It has made the difference between life and death for many persons while being treated with chemotherapy.  It reduces or eliminates nausea which allows people, our fellow human beings, to eat and obtain pain relief.  Eating is essential to life and helps to be able to endure chemotherapy.  It can also ease intractable pain and anxiety for those with chronic or terminal illnesses.  THAT IS A FACT.    Who could possibly object to a medication that has helped so many?  It is not any more dangerous than alcohol.

Funny that Marilyn York suggested people use "meth or something that make you get up and do some housework" rather than smoke marijuana the "lazy drug" that grows "man boobs."  That comment gave pause to Gammick, a second or two of silence from him.  That brief moment of silence was almost the best part of the show.  

Marilyn York seems quite the character.  " I don't like those nasty street hookers."  "I want the good yummy brothel girls."  "I need more whores closer to home."  "I love prostitutes."  She thanked Gammick for taking "the hater calls."  It would be safe to assume that if folks of one opinion differs with Gammick,  they are "haters?"

If Gammick has his way, many truths will never see the light of day.  A good start would be for Gammick to open his books for audit.  He has argued that accountants "do not understand what we do."   How ridiculous.  They do know "what we do," why they do it, and look for it.

What is it that Gammick does not want the people to see?

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